Crystal Therapy

A session of crystals for balancing and healing areas in your life. This is a very relaxing treatment and is great for the release of tension and stress. I am working with many planes of reality during this.


Matrix Energetics

An energy-shifting session which concentrates on what shows up for you in that moment; you may have a list of things that you wish to look at concerning all areas in your life and we look at the energy patterns that surround you. You may alter your consciousness through these sessions, allowing you to grow and develop in many ways. A very insightful program.

Soul Readings

Beyond Psychic work is a Spiritual evolution of the heart. The heart connects you to your Soul Wisdom. I link with these patterns of energy and work closely translating the Akashic Records- a storehouse of memory for every Soul. There are three different sessions 1. Soul healing and retrieval of lost Soul fragments. 2. Past lives and how they affect you today. 3. Star mapping. If you feel like you are connected with the Pleiades, Andromeda and other systems or are Indigo, Crystal or Blue-Ray beings, this is for you.

Phoenix Package

This is similar to life coaching; there are sessions of 3 to 7 depending upon your needs. These sessions connect you to the wisdom of your Soul and help you to make changes within yourself and to transform areas of your life. They are tailor made to suit your individuality. The program looks at self esteem, fitness, confidence and communication with yourself and others in an holistic manner. Say it! Mean it! Be it!

Summer Readings!

On offer all Summer. You receive either a general reading or a specific area of your life reading for just £25 / $45. To Book email- and quote "Summer" at the start. Sessions are approximateley 30 mins. Enjoy the Summer!

Please note:- all sessions are approximately 1 hour long. If you are within a 35 mile radius, I do home visits. Otherwise choose from Skype, telephone, email or remote/ distant energy.

To find the way, close your eyes,

listen closely and attend with your heart