Soul Readings

Soul Wisdom comes directly through our hearts. When I share energy with you, I am working closely with your Soul Wisdom and looking at the patterns of energy you hold. During this exchange I link with the Akashic Records- a storehouse of memory for every Soul. There are three different sessions-  

1. The healing and unification of your human aspects with Soul integration.

2. Past lives and how they affect you today.

3. Star mapping, alignment and integration. This is really beautiful guidance from the star systems and planets. Often helpful if you feel an affinity with them. Others refer to Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow beings in these matters, yet we are all made of a little star stuff.

These soul sessions are about two hours in duration and are charged at £75. The aim of all my sessions is to bring you a relaxed and caring service rather than a specific timed energy. I trust that the space we allow ourselves will be perfect in those moments.

Winter Light Sessions.

I have found that throughout the winter time, many of us could benefit from an infusion of light energy. This balances out the need to hibernate and the practicalities of everyday life. These sessions help you to transition through the darker parts of the year and prepare you for the change in season. They are offered as a relaxing package of three- Mid January, mid February and mid March. A treat just for you based upon your own needs. From £45.


Phoenix Emerald Package

Shorter sessions of guidance with suggested homework to shift more challenging issues. A type of Spiritual life counselling over three or four sessions, which help you to connect to your own inner wisdom and clarity to empower your life visions. Say it! Mean it! Be it!

For further details and the prices of these packages please email -

New *2016* Birthday Coaching.

Coming very soon.

Intuitive coaching session around your birthday to empower your new Solar Returns. Exciting shifts.

General Readings!

From time to time we find ourselves at a crossroads somewhere in our life journey. At these times we may benefit from a little inspiration and guidance. These readings help you to see the bigger picture and can point you in the direction that helps you to fulfil your greater aspirations.

£55 for a Skype or telephone session including the audio recording. 


To find the way, close your eyes,

listen closely and attend with your heart